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Birch V-Fit Comforting Cream

  • $34.00
Wrinkle Improvement,
Lift and Firm All-in-One Gua Sha + Massage Cream


<Powerful firming effect>

Over time, the shape and contour of the jawline may lose definition. Our V-fit comforting cream is designed to smooth and firm your facial lines, helping to restore a more defined face shape


<Comvination of gua sha & massage cream>

The cream's ingredients are quickly absorbed through easy rolling. Experience the soothing effects of our gently rolling massage balls, specially designed to relieve muscle tension and discomfort with care


<Instant cooling effect>

Upon application, you will immediately feel a refreshing cooling effect that revitalizes your skin. This cream is also effective in soothing reddened skin


<Safe for the skin>

Rest assured, this cream is 100% vegan and formulated with mild ingredients that are gentle even on the most sensitive skin


<Natural scent>

Enjoy a relaxing massage experience with the subtle, natural scent of birch, without any artificial fragrances


Twist the roller ball dispenser ‘on’ and massage with the roller balls along the chin line and let the cream absorb.