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Houttuynia Cordata 88 Soothing Serum

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Houttuynia Cordata 88 Soothing Serum

1. Contains 88% Houttuynia Cordata Leaf Water, providing exceptional hydrating

and soothing effects.

Contains 88% clear Houttuynia Cordata Leaf Water, delivering deep hydration to the skin.

Containing Houttuynia Cordata, resurrection plant, and moisture grass, this product features three herbal ingredients that provide a soothing effect to sensitive and irritated skin.

2. Houttuynia Cordata, extracted through a process of low-temperature aging

followed by distillation

Houttuynia Cordata leaves sourced from Goryeong, Gyeongsangbuk do, undergo a meticulous process where they are aged at temperatures below 10 C and distilled to remove impurities. This results in a high-purity, clean Houttuynia Cordata extract that imparts the unrefined energy of nature to the skin.

3. Long-lasting moisture deep within the skin

Contains Niosome Panthenol and Sodium Hyaluronate, which deeply hydrate the skin, addressing dryness from within and providing long-lasting moisture.

Water-based serum type that is nonsticky even when layered multiple times, delivering deep moisture to the skin.

Apply an appropriate amount of the product to the entire face, gently patting it for smooth absorption, 1 to 2 times a day, preferably after morning or evening cleansing.

Niosome Panthinely frConverts to Vitamin B5 upon contact with the skin
- Helps maintain skin moisture and increase hydration.


- Penetratesdeepintotheskin, providingmoisturization.

- Excellentmoisture-retainingproperties.

-Helpsmaintainmoistureand formaprotectivebarrier.