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Lip Night Mask - Pomegranate flavor

  • $12.00

- Lip exfoliation
-Full of vitamins! Natural ingredient
- Moisturizing coating during the night
- Sweet fruits fragrance

This product can be used as a lip exfoliation and highly moisturizing intensive care mask at night, and as a lip balm substitute for dry lips during the day.

Highly moisturizing and highly nutrient-rich from natural ingredients rich in vitamin C, it gently dissolves dead skin cells on your lips while you sleep, creating smooth, soft, moisturized lips.

- Deep moisturizing and lip protection.

- Restoring lip condition with highly nutritious ingredients for rough lips.

- 23g

Before sleeping, use the included applicator to apply a proper amount of lips. Next morning, please wipe off with a tissue or a cotton swab lightly.


Whenever your lips feel dry, apply a thin layer from time to time.


If you apply a thick layer to your lips and go to sleep, you will have smooth lips

without dead skin cells the next morning!