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Pine Bud Brightening Mask

  • $20.00

 Brighten Up Your Day

Dull and tired skin can drag you down. Rejuvenate desaturated skin with the Pine Bud Brightening Mask, designed to infuse life back into tired skin. Our staple Vita C Brightening Biome was specifically created to hydrate and revitalise the skin while only using natural, clean ingredients. Combined with moisture-retaining Jeju pine buds, your dark spots won't stand a chance.


Why We Love It

 100% Cotton Sheet: Our soft cotton sheet comfortably sticks to the skin for a gentle, relaxing experience.

• Jeju Pine Buds: The Korean island of Jeju provides hydrating and rejuvenating pine buds to brighten your skin naturally.

 All Natural: Free from artificial color and fragrance, as well as twenty other harmful chemicals. 

 EWG Approved Ingredients: The Pine Bud Brightening Mask has been assigned Green Grade by the Environmental Working Group.