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Skin Boost Retinol 0.1 Serum 1.0

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  • $19.00

A highly concentrated boosting serum infused with pure retinol 0.1% for smooth skin texture and a healthy skin tone.

Contains Pure Retinol 0.1%
_ Contains a pure form of Vitamin A, which is a representative anti-aging ingredient _With pure retinol 0.1%, it activates skin cells for skin regeneration, increases collagen production to improve elasticity, and enhances the skin's natural exfoliation process for smoother skin tone and refined texture _ Infused with effective antioxidants like Vitamin E and adenosine to prevent skin aging and provide elasticity care _ Helps maintain skin moisture by preventing moisture evaporation, with skin-friendly and mild moisturizing ingredients such as squalane and allantoin.

Liquid type serum formulation 
A nutrient-rich liquid-type serum formula that deeply penetrates and provides a moisturized finish.

Mild formula without irritation 
A high-concentration product that has completed skin non-irritation tests, providing a mild and gentle application.

After evening cleansing, apply an appropriate amount of 1 2 drops to the entire face and gently pat for absorption.

Smooth skin texture care and healthy skin care, providing moisturization.

Retinol (Vitamin A) 0.1%

_A representative anti-aging ingredient and a form of Vitamin A.

_Accelerates the turnover rate of skin cells, providing regenerative effects.

_Promotes the synthesis of proteins that make up the skin barrier, minimizing moisture loss.

_Enhances collagen synthesis, improving wrinkles and elasticity.

_Regulates sebum secretion, effectively removing sebum and minimizing pores.

_Caution: Retinol is sensitive to light, heat, and air, so proper handling is required.

Vitamin E

_Contains oil-soluble Vitamin E, a prominent vitamin antioxidant, known for its high antioxidative power and often referred to as a natural antioxidant.

_Provides strong moisturization and aids in brightening care.


_A functional ingredient certified by the Korea Food and Drug Administration for its wrinkle-improving properties.

_Improves wrinkles, has anti-inflammatory effects, and restores and protects the skin barrier.


_Protects the skin with excellent moisturizing power.

_Skin-friendly and effectively prevents moisture evaporation.

_Small molecule size for deep penetration into the skin.


_Derivedfromnaturalsubstancesextractedfromwheatsprouts, comfreyroot, oak, and beetroot, theseingredientsaregentleand non-irritating.

_Excellentforsupplyingmoisture, soothing, and protectingtheskin.