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Skin Boost Rice 88 Serum 1.0

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A boosting serum enriched with 88% rice bran extract, packed with the nutrients of rice, delivering deep hydration and transforming the skin into a moisturized and radiant state.

Enriched with 88% Rice Bran Extract, full of rice nutrients
Containing an 88% high concentration of rice bran water, which has been rich in amino acids and minerals since the Joseon Dynasty, it was traditionally referred to as Migamsu," meaning water that beautifies the skin ." This product delivers deep hydration, promotes a moist and radiant complexion from within, and aids in achieving clear and pristine skin care _ Contains ingredients such as arbutin and tranexamic acid, which inhibit the activation of melanin pigments and assist in the care of skin discoloration and freckles, contributing to skin whitening. These components help to improve dull skin from within, making it clear and bright.

Milky emulsion-type serum
A milky emulsion-type serum with a pure white color, gently permeates the skin, leaving a moisturized finish.

Mild formula without irritation
Despite its high concentration, it has been tested for skin non-irritation, providing a mild and gentle application

Apply an appropriate amount to the entire face once or twice daily, in the morning or evening after cleansing, and gently pat it in for absorption.

Helps moisturize and care for clear and clean skin.

Rice Bran Extract  88%

_What is rice bran? It is the thin outer layer that is produced when brown rice is refined into white rice.

*Rice Bran Extract -A solution obtained by steam distillation of rice bran.

_Provides moisturization and nourishment to the skin, effectively caring for dry skin.

_Brightens the skin tone, giving it a healthy glow and promoting clear and clean skin.

During the Joseon Dynasty, a water rich in amino acids and minerals was referred to as "water that beautifies the skin," and was also known as "Migamsu."

Helps with skin whitening.


_Inhibits melanin pigment production and helps with skin whitening.

_Helps improve blemishes, acne marks, and inflammation caused by pigmentation.

Tranexamic Acid

_Inhibits the movement of melanin pigment and helps with the care of blemishes.

_Helps restore the skin barrier through its astringent properties.

_Aids in the recovery of damaged skin cells.