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Waterful Refining Toner Pads (90EA)

  • $28.00

Your Everyday Toner, Milder

Revitalize even sensitive skin with our gentle Waterful Refining Toner Pads. Our non-harsh formula is infused into soft cotton pads to help speed up your skincare routine. Packed in a recyclable tub with a set of plastic tweezers, you can get soft, supple, and hydrated skin in a more efficient way. 


Why We Love It

• 100% Cotton Fabric: Our low-pH toner is infused into soft, ethically sourced cotton pads to refine and tone without irritating sensitive skin.

• Infused with 50% Kombucha: Carefully grown Jeju tea leaves are refined through an eco-friendly extraction method to get kombucha extract rich in organic acid, saccharide, and polyphenol.

 All Natural: Free from artificial color and fragrance, as well as twenty other harmful chemicals. 

 EWG Approved Ingredients: Our toner pads have been assigned Green Grade by the Environmental Working Group. 


KombuchaJeju tea leaves are fermented and refined to get the kombucha extract, rich in organic acid, saccharides, and polyphenol.

Vita C Brightening BiomeHydrates and vitalizes dull and tired skin to make it look light and glowing.

GalactomycesThe natural yeast that refines skin texture and maintains the skin’s healthy balance.

AllantoinHydrates and protects the skin from external irritants and stressors.

Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and irritated skin. Perfect for revitalizing dull and tired skin. 

• Open the cap and take a pad using the included tweezer.
• Wipe across your entire face - avoiding the eye area - to calm and sooth your skin.
• Pat the remaining essence for better absorption.