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K-Skin Care Products to Repair Our Skin

K-Skin Care Products to Repair Our Skin

Korean beauty is as well-known as Korean pop (K-pop) today and the attention that K-beatuy is getting in the U.S. is rising fast. K-beatuy ingredients are inspired by nature and this inspiration is coming from Korea’s most fascinating mountains and fields.

Out of many K-beauty product lines, Korean skin care is definitely the most popular scene in K-beauty industry today. 

Dr. Jart’s skin care products are staying steady on top 5 list of K-skin care brands for many years now. 

Dr. Jart’s products are also inspired by nature and trustworthy ingredients for skin. Best sellers of Dr. Jart is its “Cicapair Tiger Grass” line. Dr. Jart’s Cicapair Tiger Grass line is dermatologically approved and it is vey effective to repair skin from having acne scars, irritations, sun burns and more. 

Before we get into Dr. Jart products' key ingredients, what is Tiger Grass?

Tiger grass is a plant that is filled with Chlorophyll which forms a protective barrier for skin and stimulates cell growth. This will reduce acne, redness and irritation for our skin. 

Along with Tiger Grass, the most effective and the main dermatological ingredient is called Madecassoside. 

This ingredient can be found in ointments as well since it protects & restores our skin quickly and effectively. 

Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream contains Madecasoside to boost our irritated skin to repair. It helps to repair our burnt skin as well so this helps both men and women and for all skin types. Also, it evens out skin tone and neutralizes redness. 


Also, Centella Asiatica (Centella Rx) is the main ingredient in Cicapair Tiger Grass Repair Serum and Centella Rx is the ingredient that soothes & protect sensitive skin. Cicapair Tiger Grass Repair Serum will help our skin to repair and rebuild from external stressors. 

Centella Rx is also rich in Chlorophyll which is gentle to be used daily and it is lightweight so it is very easy to apply. 

Cicapair Tiger Grass products are fragrance free and they help to soothes irritated or damaged skin. These products are good for all skin types and are dermatologically tested and approved. 

Knowing which ingredients will help or damage our skin is very important when choosing skin care products. Let's be more considerate when picking skin care products and try Dr. Jart's Cicapair line to protect your skin. 

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