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Getting Ready for Back to School? (COVID-19 Special)

Getting Ready for Back to School? (COVID-19 Special)

New school year of 2020-2021 will be very different from any other back to school years in the past. Due to uprising numbers of COVID-19 cases in New York, all public schools in New York were closed completely by the mid of March, 2020. 

It’s finally about time to go back to school but students, faculties and parents are concerned about the virus in a such compact public setting. It can be more stressful than usual for teachers since they will face new limitations & restrictions while teaching their students. New York schools will have blended learning model where half of the school week’s education will be held electronically and other half will be taken in an actual school location in person. 

Stressful but slowly, we are getting back to the life of pre-COVID-19. 

To introduce skin & self-care products for Back to School year of 2020-2021, here are some of our products that will help you fight through the year!


  • Schwanen Garten Hand Wash Spray

We’re probably well-aware by now that washing our hands frequently and keeping our selves clean are the main key during COVID-19 especially when we are in a public setting with many other people. Schwanen Garten’s hand wash spray is a travel size spray so that you can bring it with you everywhere in your bag or purse. This hand wash spray contains Ethanol to sanitize our hands and hint of lavender oil extract so the scent is not alcohol-like (very common in hand sanitizer products). You do not need to go to the bathroom so frequently to wash hands when using this product. Moisturizing and sanitizing effects are all in one Schwanen Gartens’ Hand wash spray. The set comes into 4 so it will be affordable especially for students and effective for sanitizing hands frequently in school.

  • Dr & Co Triple Cika Spot Cream

Stress causes many irritations or acne to our skin and school year can be very stressful for both teachers and students. To avoid having acne or boost the process of repairing new skin, we recommend Dr. & Co’s Triple Cika Spot Cream. Directions for this product is very simple. You can simply apply the spot cream onto your acne/problem area on your face in the morning & night and the size of the acne will decrease very quickly (within a day). One of the main ingredients for this product is Madecassoside, which helps our skin to repair quickly from having acnes or irritations (such as sunburn or cuts).  Also, an ingredient called, Dipropylene Glycol quickly pulls hydration to the outer skin layer so our skin can be dewy and more hydrated. Easy and effective for our troubled skin!

  • Honey Jarret Clean Whip Cleanser

No need to double cleanse when using this cleanser! Cleansing our face daily is very important because dirt, oil, pollution and makeup can seriously damage our skin if cleansing is not done properly. Especially when you’re in a public setting for all day, it is easy to get all kinds of dirt and pollution on our skin. Honey Jarret’s Clean Whip Cleanser has a rich texture to wipe out makeup and dirt in one use. The main ingredient for this product is called, “Jarret Tea” which is a complexed water made of Moringa + Lemon Myrtle + Kombucha. All natural and chemical free. You may use this product both in the morning & night and it helps to maintain the right pH balance.

If we are more considerate and cautious in public settings, we can fight the virus together and go back to the life that we had before COVID-19 more quickly and efficiently. Let's take care ourselves with above products so we can stay healthy & glowy!  


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