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Getting Ready for Summer yet?

Getting Ready for Summer yet?


As the Quarantine Phase-Two has begun this week in New York, summer heat has been rising dramatically as well. For sure we all have missed summer to finally get tan and be active outdoors but social distancing is currently an on-going activity that we must follow.

Skin care is a must during such hot times like this because the sun exposure can damage our skin very easily and quickly. Since high numbers of beauty or skin care shops are closed due to COVID-19, self-care has been getting a lot of attention. 

If we need to stay home but still need to take care of ourselves to maintain healthy and glowy skin, what kind of safe beauty products should we look for?

Here are some products that BMINE suggests for your summer skin care:



  • Super Good Repair Cream by Skin Grammar

-Deep moisturizing cream that will repair our skin from morning and night.

To avoid getting damaged skin, selecting the safest and trust worthy skin products are always the best choice. Skin Grammar products’ ingredients are safe because their main ingredient for moisturizing products is Butylene Glycol, which is an ingredient that contains low-levels of irritation and allergic contact dermatitis is highly rare.



  • Black Remedy Body Scrub by Kosette

-A gentle exfoliating body scrub that is made to feel like a day at the beach

 Kosette is a skin care brand that is cruelty free and vegan. No alcohol, parabens, artificial coloring or synthetic fragrances are added in their products. Gently exfoliating the dead skin away for summer body is essential and of course, using the safest product for self-care is always number one priority.




  • Repairing Body Oil (Bergamot + Lavender) by Palermo

-Restoring body oil from sun damage with botanical oil and cucumber seed.

 Organic ingredients are the main key for Palermo’s Repairing Body Oil. This body oil contains 11 different botanical oil that will restore your skin. If you are at home self-tanning at your backyard or by the pool, repairing body oil is a must to protect your skin.


Self-skin care can be difficult when you do not have much knowledge on beauty products. Why don’t we start with the safest and trustworthy products from above list to take care of ourselves?



Rebecca G. You

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