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Conditioner Bar (no-rinse) - Elasticity

  • $17.00


Why We Love It

This treatment bar, unlike regular liquid type treatments, uses very mild ingredients while ensuring better results than other chemical-based products.
Don’t wash! It is No Wash Treatment Bar.
It keeps the essence oil and moisture between the hair cuticles for a longer time to make healthy hair.
It is easy to use item, and its formula leaves hair strands soft.
The plant-based, mild ingredients improve hair textures and reduce friction between hair, making hairs smooth and silky and locking moisture into the hair strands to prevent evaporation of it.
Combing force is reduced up to 55%, allowing you to comb the hair softly with less entanglement after drying.
You will see the difference this mild treatment bar makes!
It is a vegan product that uses premium natural ingredients, unlike others.


Featured Ingredients

           Ascorbic Acid, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Hyaluronic Acid

           This treatment bar does not contain preservatives, silicones,               
           parabens,petroleum-based surfactants, artificial dyes, or artificial hardeners.

           It contains zero plastic. Dermatologist Tested.


How to Use

After shampooing, just swipe it across your wet hair.