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The Crème Shop

Discover the enchanting world of The Crème Shop,
a Los Angeles-based haven of whimsy and creativity in cosmetics and skincare.
Founded in 1988, our brand bursts with a kaleidoscope of high-quality,
irresistibly cute makeup, skincare, eyelashes, and beauty accessories.
Each product is a testament to our commitment
to diversity, sustainability, and eco-friendly innovation.

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  1. How Do Eye Look? - Ready Under Eye Patches for depuffing & brightening
  2. Plush Spa Headband with Hello Kitty's Signature Bow (Pink)
  3. Dreamy Skin - Hydrocolloid Overnight Acne Patches | Infused with Retinol (Set of 6)
  4. Me Time! Youth-Promoting Sheet Mask (Set of 3)
    Sold Out
  5. Cotton Candy Skin - Hydrocolloid Acne Patches | Infused with Aloe Vera + Tea Tree (Set of 6)
  6. Plush Spa Headband with Hello Kitty's Signature Bow (Red)
  7. How Do Eye Look? - Fresh Under Eye Patches for nourishing & revitalizing
  8. Hello Kitty Hair Clips
  9. Cinnamoroll Hair Clips
  10. My Melody Strawberry Sweetness Printed Essence Sheet Mask (Set of 3)
  11. My Melody Berry Kawaii Printed Essence Sheet Mask (Set of 3)
  12. Hello Kitty Ready Set Glow Sheet Mask (Set of 3)