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Cica Soothing Mask

  • $20.00

Cool, Calm and Collected

Sooth your warm, irritated skin with the amazing Cica Soothing Mask. Designed to cool down the temperature of your skin while calming any sensitive areas, this mask is perfect for those whose skin needs an extra bit of TLC at the end of the day. The mask is infused with a whole bottle of calming essence and five different Cica ingredients for ultimate skin relief. 


Why It's Special

 Soft Bamboo Sheet: Made from bamboo fabric, the special sheet mask provides perfect adhesion and extra softness to the skin.

• Five Cica Variations: Five different types of Cica (Centella Asiatica) work together in harmony to provide the most relieving and soothing experience for your skin.

 All Natural: Free from artificial color and fragrance, as well as twenty other harmful chemicals. 

 EWG Approved Ingredients: The Cica Soothing Mask has been assigned Green Grade by the Environmental Working Group.