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Kintsugi Firming Cream

  • $39.00

Firming Care from Within the Skin

Our plant-derived formula reinforces each layer of a damaged and dehydrated skin barrier to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Infused with plant-based protein ingredients to deeply treat the skin from the inside and reinforce the skin’s natural power, firmness is improved by 30.35% right after application. 

Why We Love It

• Cashmere Soft: An ideally blended texture of ampoule, oil and cream; the velvety skin-firming formula provides a layering hydration with lightweight application and quick absorption.

• Natural Scent: Formulated with EWG Green ingredients that are allergen-free! Pleasantly fragranced with earthy and woody scents enriched with refreshing herbs to calm your skin and mind. 

• Mild and Gentle: Tested for skin irritation, the Phyto Firming Cream scored 0.00 on the skin irritation index. Sensitive skin will remain soothed and nourished.