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Never Pay for Shipping Again: It's on the House!


  • $94.00

Size: 140x45cm
Material: Polyester 100%

Introducing our Paw rug, woven with the jacquard method. It is durable and adds an aesthetic touch to your house!

Due to its high density, it absorbs moisture well and dries quickly, making it easy to manage. It is coated with acrylic resin on the back so that the yarn does not come out easily and has a non-slip finish, making it not slippery. It has a soft 15mm-long polyester file.Due to the nature of the printing process, the image may be inverted from side to side during production. (Random shipping when ordering)If you need a specific image orientation, please leave a message in the shipping instructions.


-Please hand wash alone or machine wash with a wool course using a neutral detergent.
-Do not use bleach or use strong enzyme detergent.
-Don't wash it with other products that are prone to contamination.
-Don't soak it in water for a long time.
-Please wash the areas with severe contamination alone.
-Don't dry it with a dryer.
-After washing, spread it out in the shade and air-dry.
-Don't put the heater close or iron.
-If used under dry conditions, the residue of the back non-slip coated medicinal material may fall off.
-We recommend washing through a professional carpet cleaning company.