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Glowy Tint Balm_01 Apple

  • $16.00

Why We Love It

Toun28 body soaps are a greener, waste-free alternative to traditional shower products. The S23 Grapefruit Oil bar uses Vitamin C derived from grapefruit oil to brighten and clarify the skin. Added German chamomile and tea tree extract help calm irritation and improve elasticity so skin stays soft, smooth and hydrated. Bar lathers easily without any added preservatives and features a refreshing citrus and slightly vegetal scent.



Featured Ingredients

[Apple Balm]
Lip balm complete with lively colors for better skin complexion and moisturizing by containing cranberry and raspberry extracts.
Contains cranberry and raspberry extract for total care of moisturizing and nourishing to provide skin vitality, liveliness, and soft and moisturizing lips.

How To Use

Apply an appropriate amount to the lips with a brush or your finger.

Color Feature

01 Apple Balm: Clear and pure apple shade for improved lip complexion
02 Persimmon Balm: Coral shade for warm lip complexion
03 Mulberry Balm: Subtle mauve shade that is in between pink and plum shade
04 Cherry Balm: Clear and red cherry shade for brighter skin tone
05 Chocolate Balm: Toned down chocolate brown shade
06 Peanut Balm: Clear nude beige shade for vitalizing mood
07 Bubble Balm: Clear and subtle daily pink shade