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Repairing Body Oil (Bergamot + Lavender)

  • $64.00
Uplifting + Soothing, Weightless Moisturizer
A weightless boost of citrusy bliss.

This energizing blend of restoring oils is ideal for calming skin after sun exposure
and makes an excellent all-weather moisturizer.
Cucumber seed oil, rich in vitamin E, to help prevent photodamage and boost
collagen production—reducing the appearance of sun damage and restoring luster to the skin.
Coconut oil is known to help to soothe inflammation and provide weightless hydration,
while bergamot and lavender essential oils offer uplifting aromatherapy. Best applied straight out of the shower,
this blend helps to lock in hydration and absorbs quickly (i.e. no more sweating off your lotion).

Size: 4 oz


- Fast absorbing, dry oil feel
- Targets improving the appearance of sun damage
- Vitamin-rich oils nourish and restore luster
- Bright, uplifting blend of aromatherapeutic essential oils
- Lightweight moisturizer for all year round


Massage Repairing Oil into skin as a moisturizer. For best results, apply to still-dewy skin just after shower or bath.

Fractionated coconut oil, sunflower oil*, cucumber seed oil, hemp seed oil*,
raspberry seed oil, meadowfoam oil, borage oil, buriti fruit oil, bergamot oil, lavender oil, palmarosa oil*organic