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Size: 40cm x 80cm
Material: Cotton 100% / coma 30s/2
Warp yarn dyeing followed by Jacquard weaving
170g (531gsm)
oeko-tex standard 100 class 1

Manufacturer: Songwol Towel
Country of origin: Vietnam

It is a collaboration towel between Warm Greytail and Songwol Towel, the number one towel brand in Korea with a 74-year tradition. It uses 30-count combed cotton, which has less pilling and dust and is highly durable. Combed yarn has excellent durability and generates less pilling. Songwol Towel is the only domestic brand that has introduced the tentering process, resulting in even shapes and good volume of its products.

Due to the nature of terry fabric, which is made in a loop shape, towel products can easily experience unraveling. If your purchased product has unraveling, do not pull the loose thread and instead, cut it with scissors. This will prevent further unraveling. Please note that slight unraveling is not considered a reason for exchange or refund, so please keep this in mind when making your purchase.

-To prolong the use of towels, it is recommended to wash them with lukewarm water without detergent on the first use.
-It is recommended to use a dryer to dry towel products.
-It is recommended to wash towel products separately as washing them with laundry items containing zippers, decorations, buttons, etc. may cause them to unravel.