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About Celefit

About Celefit


Celefit is the most upcoming and new K-Beauty brand that has been getting tremendous attention globally. From skin care to makeup, Celefit is coming up with its new and trustworthy products constantly for everyone's satisfaction. 
Celefit recently launched a skin care product, Double Effect Cleanser Oil to Foam and this cleanser has been getting a lot of attention from S.Korea and finally landed in the U.S. this year.
As soon as Celefit lands in the U.S., Ipsy has launched Celefit's Double Effect Cleanser Oil to Foam in their Glam Bag of June, 2020 and has been getting great reviews and receiving huge attention from the cosmetic industry.
Celefit's Double Effect Cleanser Oil to Foam is an oil cleanser that gets rid off make-up and dirt smoothly and when mixed with water, it becomes a foam cleanser that washes off the oil. 

Celefit's Double Effect Cleanser Oil to Foam saves time for getting makeup off and washing but will also help all skin types to stay hydrated and clean. 
Highly recommended and many are excited to see which beauty products will Celefit drop going forward. 


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